USAID FIRMS Project is a 5 year, over 5 million US$ initiative with an overarching goal to develop a dynamic, internationally competitive, business sector in Pakistan that is increasing exports, employing more people, and producing higher value added products and services. The project intends to achieve this goal by: developing priority sectors in Pakistan, strengthening the business development services market, creating entrepreneurial opportunities for Pakistani women, and improving the business enabling environment.

With a deep understanding of the Private Sector Development, Semiotics has been able to enhance the capacity of the Private Sector in the selected districts through the following accomplishments thus far:

  • Identified and priority ranked 10 of the most economically promising sectors that had potential of generating maximum employment opportunities in the selected districts.  In addition, also developed district economic and investment strategies for business infrastructure.
  • Conducted baseline survey for mango sector for setting up targets and measure the progress during the life of the project.
  • Arranged/conducted the workshop for creating an effective forum for key stakeholders to define concerns and determine actions for the way forward for increasing mango exports.
  • Carried out demand-side service delivery gap analysis of BD services and to map the BDS providers currently serving the identified sectors. Carried out focus group discussion and analyzed the data, prepared the draft and final reports.
  • Formulated District Economic Development Strategies for Multan and Bahawalpur districts through interactive and participatory approach.
  • Carried out baseline and consumer survey for the inland fisheries sector in Sindh and Punjab to aid the drafting of a strategy for the sector, and setting up the targets and measure the progress during the life of the project.
  • Developed private sector led economic development vision document and implementation plan for industry (manufacturing, food processing, construction, mining including gems, marble and granite and other minerals) and tourism sectors of KPk province.
  • In addition, continue to provide services of long-term and short-term personnel to the project.